The setup for a property works very equal to the setup of a type. After we called .Setup() on the ObjectFiller.NET we can configure a property of the target object by calling .OnProperty(x=>x.Property).

In the following example we setup the property Name of the class Person to have the value "John" and fill the property LastName with some random real last name.

With .Use(new RealNames(NameStyle.LastName); we use the RealNames plugin.
The RealNames plugin is a plugin which comes with the ObjectFiller.NET assembly along.
You can use the plugins for types as well as for properties.

It is also really easy to write a plugin by yourself. You can read more about it in the chapter "Extend ObjectFiller.NET" .

public class Person
  public string Name { get; set; }
  public string LastName { get; set; }
  public int Age { get; set; }
  public DateTime Birthday { get; set; }

public class HelloFiller
  public void FillPerson()
    Filler<Person> pFiller = new Filler<Person>();
      .OnProperty(p => p.Name).Use("John")
      .OnProperty(p => p.LastName).Use(new RealNames(NameStyle.LastName));

    Person filledPerson = pFiller.Create();