The RealName plugin is made to generate strings based on real names like "Jennifer" or "Miller". The realname plugin contains about 5000 first- and last names.

The RealNameplugin has a NameStyle enumeration as constructor parameter. With that enumeration it is possible to define how the generated name should look like.

public class Person
  public string FirstName { get; set; }
  public string LastName { get; set; }
  public string FullName { get; set; }
  public string FullNameReverse { get; set; }

public class HelloFiller
  public void FillPerson()
    Filler<Person> pFiller = new Filler<Person>();
      .OnProperty(x => x.FirstName).Use(new RealNames(NameStyle.FirstName))
      .OnProperty(x => x.LastName).Use(new RealNames(NameStyle.LastName));

    Person filledPerson = pFiller.Create();