Welcome to ObjectFiller.NET

The .NET ObjectFiller fills the properties of your .NET objects with random data! It has a very comfortable Fluent API. You are able to fill object instances or you just let them create for you. It is possible to create instances of classes which have constructors with parameters. You can also fill properties which are derived by an interface. The .NET ObjectFiller also supports IEnumerable (and all derivations) as well as Dictionaries.

The ObjectFiller.NET will help you filling your classes with meaningfull but random data.
You'll never have to fill your complex class hierarchies by hand - ObjectFiller.NET will do that for you!


ObjectFiller.NET ...

  • 🌟 ...fills the public properties of your objects
  • 🌟 ...fills even properties with private setters
  • 🌟 ...fills also all subobjects
  • 🌟 ...has a nice FluentAPI
  • 🌟 ...handles constructors with parameters
  • 🌟 ...handles IEnumerable and all derivations
  • 🌟 ...handles Dictionaries
  • 🌟 ...handles Interfaces
  • 🌟 ...handles Enumerations
  • 🌟 ...is highly customizable
  • 🌟 ...has many nice plugins
  • 🌟 ...is very easy to extend
  • 🌟 ...is Open Source



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